Picture Corner

Barnaby Bear 2000

Pictures from Barnaby bear’s previous US tour. Taking in both east and west coast cities and a short stop in the middle too.

Barnaby Bear 2001

Barnaby bear travelled to the USA and got caught up in the aftermath of 9/11. The upside to this was that he had the opportunity of driving from San Jose (CA) to Vancouver (BC). These pictures record the trip and the journey.  Coming soon, pictures from Barnaby’s previous US tour taking in both east and west coast and a little in the middle too.

Assorted pictures of our Dogs

Buster and Henry are our two border terriers...

Things That Slither

A couple of the things that I’ve encountered in the garden.

“My...Grandma, What Big Teeth You Have”

Some photos from Oregon Zoo, in Portland, showing the lower jaw of an African male and Asian female elephant (with a human one for comparison)

Assorted pictures from Saints matches.

Contract Cowboys


Why not take a look at this